My Shop in Trout Lake

An expanded garden shed.

Dust Management

This is the two stage dust collector I use to remove the dust from my grinding room.

KMG-1 Grinder

Designed and constructed by Rob Frink at Beaumont Metal Works.

Anti-rocking Device

Anti-rocking Device

This device keeps the sandpaper or file level and prevents it from rocking back and forth.

Grizzly Belt Grinder

Here are some pictures of modifications I’ve made to my Grizzly Belt Grinder.

Knife Vise

This is my finishing vise that I designed and built based on one I saw in a supply catalog.

Hidden Tang Handle Construction

Here a few of the steps I use when building a through-tang knife handle.

Constructing a Leather Pouch Sheath

Constructing a Leather Pouch Sheath

This is the process I go through when I construct a pouch sheath.