BromeHello, and welcome.

I sharpen and repair knives as a hobby out of my shop near the cities of Albany and Corvallis, OR.  The links above detail the services I offer as well as have pictures of some the knives I  have worked on.

I’ve also posted some information about various aspects of knifemaking, sheathmaking and knife care.

I welcome questions (and suggestions) about any of the information presented here. Please be patient with me getting back to you, as I really enjoy sharing and teaching others, but am also a busy person, with many interests.

I have been operating Stone and Steel Knifeworks since 1996, but have been making, sharpening and repairing knives since a young age.

This website will be evolving in response to people’s questions and as I develop new ideas and learn more about webpage design.

Thanks for visiting,
Brome McCreary
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