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Knives are presented in reverse chronological order, so you can see how my style and abilities have developed.

A medium but very sturdy through tang drop point for an elk hunter. Flat ground to 3/8″ from the 3/16″ thick spine. The blade is differentially heat treated O-1. Brass guard and birds-head pommel, black spacers and European stag handle. BL= 4.5″, TL=9″. This was a custom order.
A large blind tang drop point. Convex ground blade from 3/16″ stock, differentially heat treated O-1. Brass guard, brass and black spacers with English walnut handle and mosaic pin. BL=6″, TL=10 7/8″. This one has a longer ricasso for choking upon the blade.
A medium sized full tang ulu. Flat ground blade from 3/32″ stock, differentially heat treated bandsaw blade from a lumber mill (possible L-6). The handle slabs are Myrtle wood (bay laurel) with mosaic pins (as well as a hidden epoxy pin for security. BL (tip to tip)=6″, TL (handle to edge)=3 5/8″.
A full tang utility pattern with an integral guard. Convex ground from 3/32″ stock, differentially heat treated O-1. Black spacer material, birds-eye maple handle with brass Corby type rivets and a brass-lined lanyard hole. This knife was specifically built for a right handed person and has an asymetical handle (looking down form above) such that the palm swell on the right hand side of the knife is larger. It also was my first tapered tang. BL=41/4″, TL= 83/4″.